Solution Focused Hypnotherapy began as Solution focused brief therapy and was first used by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg in the early 1980's. The therapy itself required the client to seek alternative solutions to their problems with the use of semi-structured interviewing techniques, which allowed the the person in question to alter their perception towards the problems. In recent times the use of Hypnotherapy has been combined with this Psychotherapeutic approach as well as the implementation of Neuro - linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. When combined, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can take all the best parts of each therapy to help in the recovery of the client.

Edward Attridge Hypnosis was founded with the simple goal of helping people. I have a keen appreciation and interest in human behaviour. Once I completed my Honours degree in Psychology I decided originally to take the route of clinical Psychology particularly considering the challenges facing the modern mental health profession. When I saw the value of complementary medicines, I realised that it represented a viable alternative to these challenges.

Having studied traditional Psychology, I enrolled with Clifton Practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, one of the leading practices that deal with various mental health disorders. This gave me a far greater awareness of the complexities of the mind - particularly the pairing of cognitive and subconscious processes, processes that contribute to the stability of our mental health i.e. Depression and anxiety. Along with these conditions I have gained valuable knowledge on the symptoms of depression and anxiety which can be either the cause or effect of these debilitating conditions, symptoms such as heightened pain, sleep loss, excessive sleeping and excessive eating.