Panic attacks and phobias generally go hand in had, almost like one can't be present without the other. The interesting part is that they are both a result of high amounts of adrenaline, more than what there should be!

Panic attacks

Panic attacks can occur almost at any time and the results can leave us shaking, sweating and wanting to run away. This is a result of the brain perceiving a potential threat, something we have inherited from our ancient ancestors. Yet, we can thank them for this as without this response the human race would never had survived! Unfortunately, we do, at times experience dramatic and tragic events, which can leave an imprint of that moment in our memory. when something reminds us or triggers that memory we may produce a large amount of Adrenalin, causing us to panic. Fortunately, Hypnosis can help dramatically with panic attacks as Edward Attridge Hypnosis understands the reason why this happens and how to best tackle it.


There are thought to be as many as 10 million people in the UK that suffer from severe phobias (NHS choices, conditions/phobias).

Phobias are similar in that they create anxiety and cause us to panic. Although the reasons for phobias are not entirely known there is one theory that appears to have more validity. It is believed that phobias are transferred unconsciously, perhaps from the parent to the child caused through a shocking or unexpected event. For example, a baby picks up the spider to put in his/her mouth. The already stressed, anxious mother rushes to the child and screams at him/her to remove the spider. The baby then produces a negative emotional reaction to the mother and the spider. The child then develops an association of the spider template and an emotional attachment of fear to that template (As Cited from Newton, 2014 Clifton Practice Bristol).

Edward Attridge Hypnosis understands the reasons why you are suffering with a phobia and has the knowledge and expertise in removing that emotional, negative template and transferring it to an area of the brain that allows you to have more control over it.