​Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can be a terrible condition that can and most certainly does effect the lives of many people. Some may find that they check things many times but still feel anxious that they have not checked enough. Perhaps you are O.C.D. about security and check all the windows are closed, you check every window, they are clearly closed. You leave the house but can't help feeling anxious, soon panic sets in and you are forced to return home to once again check the windows. In certain circumstances some people will actually never leave their property, living a life of anxiety and fear. This terrible condition can seriously effect the individual and also relationships. Partners may find it hard to cope and so the relationship breaks down. At Edward Attridge Hypnosis I am are well aware of the problems that O.C.D. can cause and will be committed to help you - the client to over come this fear and getting you on track to lead a normal, stress free life.