Irritable Bowel Syndrome effects many thousands of people and can leave people house bound, unable to interact or socialise, constantly worried that they may have an accident if they do. Hypnotherapy is now regarded the best treatment for this condition and can improve the well being of all who suffer from I.B.S. Because I.B.S. is generally a psychological condition it can be treated like most anxiety related conditions. In fact, the anxiety will normally always exacerbate the I.B.S. and of course the I.B.S. will exacerbate the anxiety, producing a vicious circle. However, I.B.S. can be easily treated, breaking that vicious circle and giving you back that normal, stress free, happy life that you once had. I.B.S. works in a similar to panic attacks and phobias in that it is the primitive mind that thinks our life is in danger and one of the side effects is the irritable bowl. So obviously if we can control the area of the brain that is perceiving danger, we can control your bowel movements.


Pain is something we live with, it is obviously important otherwise we would never know there was a problem. However, pain can be very annoying and can lead to depression. But, what many people don't realise is that pain is subjective, it is messages being sent from one location, through the spinal cord to the brain. At the back of the spinal cord we find what is known as the 'pain gateway'. When we are in a hypnotic state we can actually switch this area off, reducing or even stopping any sensation of pain. We also have certain neurotransmitters which can be used as painkillers, Serotonin for example. Using Hypnosis we can help encourage the flow of our bodies natural painkillers, helping you to get back to the things you love doing best, enjoying life without pain. In fact Hypnosis is so effective that some Dentists use it with their patients as well as Surgeons who perform operations.