Depression is a huge problem in the UK, affecting 1 in 4 people yearly. In fact depression has become such an epidemic that the National Health Service is struggling to cope, leaving many people waiting for long periods of time before they are seen. However, with the success that Hypnotherapy has achieved over the years it provides a viable alternative to the more conventional methods, namely Counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Like depression, low self esteem and low confidence can result from many walks of life, whether it is talking members of the opposite sex,public speaking or generally feeling low. Edward Attridge Hypnosis recognises the implications that low confidence and low self-esteem can have on a person and their daily lives and are committed to helping you to build or regain that confidence and self-esteem.

With low self-esteem, confidence and depression we find a paradox in that they all effect each other and in turn creates even more depression, more low self-esteem and even lower confidence. The brain soon sees this pattern as a survival trait and will encourage you to continue this behaviour. Hypnosis can break that habit and allow only positive thoughts and suggestions to become the habit, making you feel more relaxed, confident and generally more positive.

This form of negative thinking is evident in Sports too. Bad performance is generally down to how we think mentally and if we are thinking negatively then we are encouraged to perform badly. Edward Attridge Hypnosis can help with this, to help you overcome these problems and to help you get back on top of things, whether its in life or in sports.