The Self Image

We all struggle with self image from time to time. How we perceive ourselves influences how we feel and of course how we feel reflects how we are perceived by others.

All computers operate with an operating system, take Apple and Microsoft for example these systems determine how the computer functions and how it should perform. But, we too have our own operating system that influences how we function and how we perform and that operating system is our self image.

For example, slim people are slim because they have a self image of being slim. When we have a self image of being slim our brain acts accordingly, we eat less and eat healthy food. And when we eat healthy we feel good about ourselves and thus produce a positive feedback loop.

However, when we are overweight our self image tells us we are overweight, creating negative feelings and seeking a substitute to make us feel better about ourselves, this can be through excessive eating, eating the wrong types of food, alcohol or smoking and this creates the negative feedback loop.
So to help you, try switching the poles around. If you are overweight, try visualising yourself as being slim. Do this every day and see how your operating system responds. Visualisation along with emotional reinforcement or desire will help you to choose the right foods and the amount you eat.